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Here at Loving Thresholds, we offer a holistic approach to end of life while providing the highest level of compassion, care and sensitivity for all individuals involved.  There is sure to be something for anyone in need!

Comfort Touch Massage and Reiki

Comfort Touch® is a nurturing style of acupressure that gives special consideration to the physical and emotional needs of the elderly, ill or sensitive client for whom deep work would not be indicated or tolerated. The primary intention is to provide comfort through techniques that promote deep relaxation and relief from pain. This technique is often paired with reiki energy healing or both can be provided independently.

Get Your Affairs In Order

Work with Shannon in establishing peace of mind by getting all of your affairs in order. She will help with end of life planning, trusts, wills, advanced directives, funeral arrangements, organization and cataloging of possessions and other helpful tasks.

End Of Life Support

Shannon provides compassionate end of life support for both the dying and their caregivers. She can sit vigil during the active process of dying thereby offering respite care for family members. She can provide a number of helpful tasks, such as the caregiver support services, during this tender time.

Grief Support

Shannon provides grief support to caregivers, family and friends. One on one meditation sessions, yoga sessions, reiki and comfort touch massage techniques all to help soothe the soul and ease the nervous system.

Caregiver Support

Services to the caregivers may include respite care to take much needed time off. Comfort Touch massage and or reiki energy healing techniques. Light housekeeping, meal prep or running errands may be requested. Instruction in relaxation techniques such as yoga and/or meditation can be available.

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