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Choiceless Awareness

Ahhh old friend of awareness there you are. You are always and in all ways here to hold me. The state of the matter doesn't matter! I expand all 5 senses to get acquainted. You are with me as I listen to the summer morning bugs and birds. You companion as I hear my dog luxuriating in his morning self-bathing routine. You sit with while I feel the aches of my 52 year old body. You delight that my morning coffee is a sacred part of this meditation routine, slowly sipping and savoring on my tastebuds. Eyelids filtering the first light of the day as they remain softly closed, promising to tune out the world for just a spell. Taking in the familiar aromas of my sanctuary, my home. You travel with me, expanding, holding emotions, thoughts, beliefs, sidetracks all tenderly and equally measured. None is more important than the other. The bubble of overwhelming grief that pops up is cherished and held just as much as the warmth in my palms from my morning mug. You are consistent. You are there. You never change. You are the vast container that holds all that does change. You are the backdrop for the many experiences and sensations that ebb and flow, begin and end. You hold all of it and are none of it. This place, safe haven, beacon of stillness, reliable, always there, always willing....

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